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Food Items
Delivery Area Tiruneliveli ( Palayam kottai,NGO Colony ,Perumal puram,Maharaja nagar,K.T.C. Nagar,Junction,Melapalayam)

Food Items

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5rs Biscut
Rs5.00 Rs4.90
Ex Tax: Rs4.90
Rs20.00 Rs17.70
Ex Tax: Rs17.70
Aachi GulabJam mix 200gm
Rs72.00 Rs69.00
Ex Tax: Rs69.00
Aachi healthmix 200gm
Rs80.00 Rs65.00
Ex Tax: Rs65.00
Boost biscuit 75gm
Rs18.00 Rs17.50
Ex Tax: Rs17.50
Rs355.00 Rs344.00
Ex Tax: Rs344.00
Rs7.00 Rs5.00
Ex Tax: Rs5.00
CEC Flavours Rose W 20g
Rs22.00 Rs21.00
Ex Tax: Rs21.00
Chinnis Vermicelli 170gm
Rs12.00 Rs10.00
Ex Tax: Rs10.00
Clear hairoil 75ml
Rs43.00 Rs42.00
Ex Tax: Rs42.00
Rs86.00 Rs84.00
Ex Tax: Rs84.00
Color appalam 100gm
Rs10.00 Rs6.00
Ex Tax: Rs6.00
Rs40.00 Rs37.00
Ex Tax: Rs37.00
Corozon candy
Rs166.00 Rs160.00
Ex Tax: Rs160.00
Dabur honey 100gm
Rs48.00 Rs47.00
Ex Tax: Rs47.00
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